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The "look and feel" of Princely States Report reflects the aesthetic sensibilities of our editor/web designer, Ron Rice. He is a professional user interface designer with six years in the web industry (a lot has changed in six years!). Prior to his web experience, Ron worked in a variety of visual design disciplines including print, photography, and film.

The gray page borders are patterned after traditional forms found in Mughal architecture. Our color palette is primarily soft and muted--a departure from the bold, high-contrast design of most magazines.

All text is displayed with the Trebuchet MS font. If your computer does not have Trebuchet in it's font library, then Geneva is used. If Geneva is not found on your system, then another sans-serif font will be selected. The journal's logo is based on the Samarkan font—with it's letterforms designed to look like the Devanagari script (the written form of Hindi and Sanskrit).

Ron prefers to develop web pages "by hand", using a simple text editor. No web page software was used in the making of PSR. Cascading style sheets (CSS) are used to control the style of text and other visual elements, assuring consistency throughout the journal. PSR is written in XHTML—a transitional markup language which will help us move to XML coding in the future.

Home > About PSR > Colophon
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