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Vol2 No2 (Spring, 2001) - Travancore & Cochin special issue

The Maharaja Portraits - A beginner's guide to Cochin's Maharaja stamps.

Catalogue Correlation - Bob Coale correlates Gibbons and Scott numbers for Travancore, Cochin, and Travancore-Cochin stamps.

A Key to the "Conch Shell" Issues of Travancore - David Heppell describes this stamp series in detail.

Nagercoil District Overprints - scarce Madras overprints, by Dick Nelson and Ron Rice. [from vol2,no2]

The preparation of palm-leaf documents - by Fred Pinn and David Heppell, with R. Vaidyanadhan.

The chank shell industry in modern India - Based on research in 1982 and 1984 by David and Frances Heppell.

Vol2 No1 (Winter, 2001)

New Indian States - Three newly formed Indian States provide a window into the pre-Independence era.

The Rajah Head Revenue Stamped Papers of Bamra - A review of century-old fiscal documents by Forrest Shoemaker.

The Hyderabad Seal of Khurshid Jah - An obscure early issue investigated by David Heppell.

Vol1 No1 (Fall, 2000)

Care and Storage of Indian States Documents - The problems associated with old Indian papers, and tips for preservation and storage.

Military Uniforms of the British Indian Army - British Indian and Indian States Forces are illustrated and described.

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