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Archived article from the January 2001 issue of Princely States Report

Jammu & Kashmir Telegraphs
- by Derek Brinkley

Forgery 1
This is a forgery of the 4a ultramarine/royal blue (Hiscock 3/3a). The original is not as dark as it appears on the scan. It is easily identified however because it measures 29.5 × 19.5 against the original's 34.5 × 23.5. The paper is a coarse buff wove, and gives the appearance of coming from the same stable as a whole variety of recent states forgeries.
   Forgery 1 (click to enlarge)    Genuine (click to enlarge)
Forgery 2
This forgery of the 5 rupees is similar to Forgery 1. It is of no consequence in itself since it is in entirely the wrong colour - yellow as opposed to chocolate. I nevertheless include it in case the same die has also been used in the correct colour. I don't have a real example of the genuine stamp (Hiscock 7) but I have scanned a photocopy to illustrate the genuine die. Again the size is wrong - the forgery is 30 × 21 against the original 36 × 25.5.
   Forgery 2 (click to enlarge)    Genuine (click to enlarge)
Forgeries 3, 4
Both forgeries are very blurred, but this is not in itself an indication of forgery since many of the originals got into this state as the die got increasingly worn. Forgery 3 is the 1 anna olive green Hiscock 1a, and Forgery 4 is the 2 annas dark brown Hiscock 2a.
   Forgery 3 (click to enlarge)    Forgery 4 (click to enlarge)
This is another blurred copy which I believe to be a genuine 8 annas brownish orange Hiscock 4a; however in this case I don't have an unequivocally genuine one. The paper is much thinner than the other forgeries, but if anyone can say for sure if it is genuine or not please do so. Size is 35.5 × 24.5.
   Genuine??? (click to enlarge)
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