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Type 9 and Type 10
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Type 9, top panel

Type 10, top panel

"RA" detail, both types

Detail of "grid effect"
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Archived article from the January 2001 issue of Princely States Report

New Dungarpur Revenue
- David Heppell

While checking a small collection of Dungapur revenue stamps for possible Rajasthan overprints, I noticed that there were two distinct sizes of type used for the inscriptions of the design listed as "Type 9" in the Koeppel & Manners catalogue of The Court Fee and Revenue Stamps of the Princely States of India. To distinguish between these I refer those with the larger type to a new Type 10. The length of the Devanagari script "Ra" in the inscription "Rajya Dungapur" in the top panel of the design is probably the easiest way to separate the two types, both of which occur with Rajasthan overprints. Koeppel & Manners list four values of their "Type 9", 1a, 4a, 8a and 1 rupee, all printed over a different coloured background of fine vertical lines and with more than one colour or shade variety for all values except the 1a. The period of use of these revenues is stated to be 1932-48, with later use overprinted for Rajasthan. In some examples of Type 10 the fine lines of the background colour appear to form a horizontal and vertical grid, most easily seen in the blank panel on which the serial number is handstamped. Under high magnification, however, this seems to be an optical illusion due to the lines breaking up when printed on a cancellated paper.

Although these stamps are common it is too soon to know whether all values (and which colours) are to be found with either inscription type. Koeppel & Manners also list two error varieties: "Dungarpu" for "Dungarpur" in the top panel on the 1a and, in their Supplement, "var annas" for "char annas" in the Hindi value panel on the 4a green/green. In the following table I have marked the values and colours I have seen, with or without Rajasthan overprints, with an "X". Additions to these would be very welcome and will be reported in a future edition of the PSR.

K&M # Value Colour Type 9 Type 10
No ovpt. Rajasthan ovpt. No ovpt. Rajasthan ovpt.
91 1a green/pale red X   X X
91a 1a "Dungarpu" variety        
92 4a green/green X X X X
92a 4a "var annas" variety        
93 4a yellow-green/grey X   X  
94 8a brown/pale blue X X X  
94a 8a brown/tan        
94b 8a brown/grey X   X  
94c 8a dark brown/blue     X X
94d 8a brown/pale green        
95 1r blue/pale red X   X X
95a 1r blue-green/pale green X      
96 1r silver/pale tan        
Note: Jiri Cerny has reported an additional colour variety, green/yellow, of the 4a value of Type 9, from a document dated 1933. The handstamped numerals are 1-2 mm taller than usual.
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