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Princely States Report is not directly affiliated with the India Study Circle (ISC), though Ron Rice (our Editor) is an ISC member. We decided it was appropriate to add a permanent reference to the ISC in our journal's Library section, because the ISC is easily the most important study group for serious students of philately of the Indian sub-continent.

The India Study Circle first met in 1950. The ISC steadily grew until in 1980 the membership reached 500. At the present time there are approximately 580 members world-wide - in the Indian sub-continent, Pakistan, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Europe and the United Kingdom.

The ISC looks into all aspects of the postal service to, from and within the Indian Sub-continent and also the very wide area that came under the influence of the Indian Post Office. This also includes, by definition, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma, Aden, The Gulf Area and Sea Post offices. Revenues and other fiscal stamps are also within the scope of the ISC.

The ISC has an Americas as well as an Indian chapter and they each arrange local meetings on a regular basis. In the UK the ISC meets each month in London from September to May, and there are a number of regional meetings which take place twice a year in centres such as Birmingham and Petersfield. They have an Exchange Packet for members in the United Kingdom. The ISC Libraries located in the UK and the US are a great source of reference and queries are received from all over the world.

The ISC magazine India Post is issued four times a year. It is recognised internationally as being a research publication of exceedingly high standard and contains many varied articles written by members. There are sections on Questions and Answers, Wants, and a centre page section which gives Committee Information. The I.S.C. also runs several auctions each year.

For more information (much more!) visit the official ISC website at www.indiastudycircle.org.

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