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Numismatic Auctions

NimisArt Galleries
Online auctioner of Indian and other coins.

Spink Coins and Banknotes
Spink auctions often contain high-value Indian items.

Numismatic Book Dealers and Publishers

Couplets on Mughal Coins of India
This handbook contributes to Numismatics by taking a different approach to coins of India during the Mughal period -- through the couplets on them. The couplet or 'Distich', in Persian/Urdu, typically with the name of the emperor entwined in it, is a singular essence of such coins. It is a source of profound joy to the knowledgeable collector and a barrier to the uninitiated.

Currencies & Coins
Publishers of Numismatic books and literature relating to India.

Steve Album
Sells over 100 books focused on Islamic and Indian coins.

Numismatic Collectors

Indian Coins
A good survey of Indian coins from ancient to just before Independence. The page on Princely States contains 12 coins.

Indian and Indian Ocean Money
This coin collection was started by Captain T.C.S. Speedy of Larut. He was born in India and served in the army in India at the time of the famous Mutiny (1857), the New Zealand Wars (1864-67), with the British Invasion of Abyssinia (1867-68), and in Malaya. Site developed by Allan L.T Speedy, great-great nephew of the original collector.

Collection of Hameed Akhtar Siddiqui
In this site, you will find some beautiful examples of Coins of ancient, medieval and Islamic India with a little history. Coins are miniature history in your hand. The study of coins is also known as numismatics which help us in deciphering history. In Indian history many dynasties and kings were known from coins only.

Varun Parekh's coins
Welcome to Varun Parekh's online coin album! I am 18 years old and am fascinated by coins. I have been collecting coins for more than 6 years now and I have put up this site to spread information and awareness about Indian and World Coinage.

Numismatic Dealers

Coin Hut
Sells Sultanate, Mughal, Princely States, and Colonial coins.

A small selection of Islamic and Indian coins.

Guy Clark's Ancient Coins and Antiquities: Eastern Coinages
Sells Parthians, Sassanians, Bactrians, Kushans, Indo-Scythians, early Indian, early Chinese and other east Asian coinages of the ancient and medieval time frame.

Steve Album
One of the most important dealers specializing in Islamic and Indian coins. Mid to high-value individual pieces, plus wonderful group lots for the beginning collector.

Numismatic Shows and Exhibitions

Monetary Museum, Reserve Bank of India
The RBI Monetary Museum proposes to put in place permanent, temporary and itinerant exhibits of the representative coinage of India, paper currency, gold bars as well as financial instruments and curiosities down the ages. It also aims at stimulating research and study on the evolution of money around the Indian Ocean Rim and disseminating information to the Public about currency & finance.

Numismatic General Information

Colonial Coins of India
A wonderful introduction to the various colonial settlements and their coinages.

Coins and History of Asia
Containing information and scans of over 1600 coins, these pages are to be a resource for students of Near Eastern, Persian, Indian, Central Asian and Chinese history from 600 BC to 1600 AD. Permanent exhibits with emphasis on Sasanian, Hunnic and Central Asian coinages. Check back often and reload everything because I'm adding all the time.

Coins of the Princely States of India
An excellent survey of Indian coins, with lots of useful information and images. Very well done. This link goes directly to the Princely States page, but from there you can return to the index and vist many other wonderful pages.

Indian Princely States
A one-page introduction to the coins of the princely states.

Notes of the Princely States
A page of information and pictures of Indian States banknotes.

Why is a Rupee called a Rupee?
A brief history of Indian coinage, with links to images of British and Republican coins.

Numismatic Journals and Newsletters

Oriental Numismatic Society Newsletter
The Newsletter is the main way in which the ONS communicates with its members. From the beginning in the early 1970s, the newsletters have contained information on ONS activities and members, new publications, and news items likely to be of interest to members. From newsletter no. 44 (1976) they have also included a increasing number of articles on coins and related subjects connected with oriental numismatics. More recently, a number of supplements have also been issued.

Numismatic Organizations and Libraries

American Numismatic Association
The ANA was formed to advance the knowledge of numismatics along educational, historical and scientific lines, as well as enhance interest in the hobby. To further this purpose, the organization offers numerous services and programs, including a monthly journal, The Numismatist. Today, with about 28,000 members, the nonprofit, educational group is the largest numismatic organization of its kind in the world.

American Numismatic Society
The mission of The American Numismatic Society is to be the preeminent national institution advancing the study and appreciation of coins, medals and related objects of all cultures as historical and artistic documents, by maintaining the foremost numismatic collection and library, by supporting scholarly research and publications, and by sponsoring educational and interpretive programs for diverse audiences. The Society's South Asian collection includes the coins of the Indian subcontinent, of Southeast Asia as far as the Philippines, and certain ancient Central Asian coins. There are some 55,000 in all. Although the ANS collection of coins of the Indian subcontinent is one of the world's finest, it is unfortunately relatively neglected for lack of scholarly attention.

Coin Collectors Club of Jamshedpur
The club was founded by Mr. A. K. Bhat, Mr. Kalyan Guha and Mr. G. N. Taunk at X.L.R.I. premises, Jamshedpur. After establishing in 1994, club had decided to organize Coin Exhibition every year. Accordingly, club's first exhibition was held in 1996. Since then club has been organizing it's Coin Exhibition in all consecutive years. At present our members' strength is 67 and it has been increasing every month. We hold our monthly meeting on the last Sunday of every month at Tulsi Bhavan, Bistupur, Jamshedpur. We have our own library having the latest books and journal on Numismatics.

Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies
Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies (IIRNS) is a research Institute on numismatics, particularly on Indian numismaticstudies. They have trained researchers who have specialized on differentnumismatic periods, such as ancient, early medieval, medieval and latemedieval. They offer services (free of cost) to any enquiry, made throughthe mail or otherwise, on academic aspect of any coin or coin series foundin India. They also have a well equipped library having a good collectionof numismatic and allied books.

Oriental Numismatic Society
The Oriental Numismatic Society (ONS) was founded in 1970 to foster interest in the study and collection of all series of oriental coinage, from North Africa and Muslim Spain to the Far East. Open to amateurs and professionals alike, it now has over 500 members world-wide. There are Regional Secretaries in the UK, USA, Netherlands, India and Pakistan. One of the Regional Secretaries in the UK services the 'rest of the world'.

South Asia Coins Group
The aim of the group is to promote an understanding of coins, ancient to present, from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Burma, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and the Maldives. In addition to this informative website, there is an email-based discussion group that you can subscribe to by sending a message to Southasia-coins-subscribe@egroups.com. The discussion group is quite active, with about 150 members worldwide.

Numismatic State-Specific Sites

Coins from Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
A web display of a personal collection of Ancient, legally circulated colonial, and modern coins from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) including 300dpi color images with edited information from various sources. Motivated by many reasons this long term project may take many years to complete.

Tranquebar, coins & history
The pages are specially about the coins of Tranquebar, the Danish colony on the south east coast of India. You can also find pages about the other colonial coins of India and the coins of Ceylon and some coins from my collection of coins of the Chola time in South India.


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