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Arts and Crafts

"The Indian Art Portal." A unique combination of art education, artist background information, shopping and auction capabilities across all art-related categories, and museum and gallery information.

Dak Ltd.
DAK Ltd. specializes in importing and exhibiting the works of contemporary, traditional artists from India. Started in 1993 by an art professor in Denver and a writer based in India, DAK represents artists working in the centuries-old Mughal, Rajput and regional traditions.

Dharohar Art Conservation Centre
Restoration of art and artefacts, consultation on the display, handling and storage of works of art, and collection surveys.

Exotic India
The Internet's largest Retail Store for Indian Arts and Crafts.

A beautiful and well-crafted website selling beautiful and well-crafted art from Rajasthan.

Umashanker Sharma is a practitioner of the tradional style of Rajasthani Miniatures. Born in 1961 in the town of "Bali Thani" Kishangarh, he has mastered the art and technical skill of the famed Rajasthani Miniaturists without any formal training.

Jewel of the Lotus
Beautiful, artistically profound, antique jewelry from the Sultans and Maharajas of India.

Learn About The Artists of Nathadwara
This site is intended for use by K-12 students and their teachers, as well as by anyone who is interested in learning about the traditions of this artist community in the western Indian state of Rajasthan. Here you will learn about the town of Nathadwara, the artists who live there, the deity to whom they dedicate their work, how they create their art, and what role squirrels play in this creation. You will also have an opportunity to make some of your own drawings in the Nathadwara style.

Rajasthan Heritage Handicrafts Pvt. Ltd.
A handicraft cottage industry engaged in manufacturing of hand-made soft character dolls (copa figures) and statues in traditional costumes reflecting royal and varied heritage of India.

Book Dealers and Publishers

Abe Books
An excellent general resource for locating used books. A huge resource for used, rare and out-of-print literature, philatelic or anything else. see also Bibliofind

Another excellent general resource for locating used books. A searchable database contains the holdings of 100's of used book stores. It is not uncommon to find obscure philatelic literature offered by general book dealers at reasonable prices. see also Abe Books

Books of India (a division of Oscar Publications)
Books of India was started in April 1998, with a list of over 1000 books, and the list today is over 30,000 titles from over 1000 Indian publishers.

DK Publishers Distributors
Exaustive list of books from over 100 India publishers.

Indus Books
Located in Portland, Oregon, USA, Indus Books carries a growing stock of scholarly, out of print and rare titles on on South Asia, Travel, Central Asia and the Middle East.

Khazana Book Catalog
Great source for new and used books on all Indian subjects. More than 15,000 titles, most in stock.

Khemraj Shrikrishnadass
This is your best source for Sanskrit and Hindi books. Khemraj was established in 1871 with the sole aim of publishing all extant Sanskrit and Hindi works of outstanding merit on different subjects. They have printed as many as 2,800 titles on varied subjects like Philosophy, Indian Mythology, the Puranas, great epics like Ramayana and Bhaagwat Geeta, Classical Sanskrit literature, Astrology, Ayurved (Indian system of medicines), music etc.

Low Price Publications, India
LPP was created in 1989 with the sole objective of making available rare and important basic books, at reasonable prices to the members of the academic community such as teacher, research scholars, students and general reader.

Motilal Banarsidass
The largest bookstore on Indology, from the oldest publishing house in India, founded in 1903.

Vedams Books
An extensive, annotated catalog of books published in India.

Current Affairs

CNN interactive: India & Pakistan
An informative look at India and Pakistan after 50 years of independence.

The Hindu
Online edition of India's national newspaper.

India World
Another excellent source for current news from India.

Kashmir Information Network
A detailed counter-terrorism site dedicated to the war in Kashmir.

Save Kashmir Movement
Over 700,000 Hindus have been forced out of their ancestral homes by terrorists. The purpose of this site is to create global awareness of the situation in Kashmir and help put an end to the terrorism.

General Information

Indian Newsgroups and Mailing Lists
Just like the name implies. References to 37 Usenet newsgroups and 29 email-based mailing lists--all related to India.

Kamat's Potpourri
Extensive material on the history, culture, and diversity of India. Includes an album on Mahatma Gandhi, a timeline with links, a picture of the week, an online Faces of India exhibition, information on Indian women, education, art and artifacts, and the Konkani language. Also provides a searchable index.

Princely India
Information, stories and photos from about twenty princely states. This is a wonderful tour of princely India.

A search engine for South Asia, arranged by very broad topics (academics, administration, Afghanistan, etc.).


A Brief Study of the Pindaris of Madhya Pradesh
This paper by Philip F. McEldowney illustrates the type of paper produced by American students studying in the South Asia Programs in American Universities. He spent most of the first eighteen years of his life in India..... In addition, the paper provides an historical background for some antisocial groups now operating.

Bibliography of India Economic Reforms
Many of these titles are useful in the study of Indian States postal and fiscal history.

The British Raj
A nice overview of the period from the late 17th to early 20th centuries in timeline format, courtesy of a small collegy in Oregon, USA.

Flags of the Indian Princely States
A fairly broad selection of Indian State flags, plus some geographical and administrative information.

Harappa.com is produced out of San Francisco in the United States. The focus is two-fold: first, archaeological coverage of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization of Harappa; second, a study of the Raj (British colonial) as seen through the eyes of photographers, filmmakers and artists of the period.

Internet Indian History Sourcebook
An excellent source for a wide variety of Indian historical information. The Internet History Sourcebooks, produced at Fordham University, are collections of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts presented cleanly (without advertising or excessive layout) for educational use (http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/).

Itihaas: British Colonization, Freedom Struggle
A chronology of important events from 1757 to 1947, with links to informative textual descriptions. Produced in India, Itihass is a presentation of IndiaWorld (http://www.indiaworld.co.in/).

Manas: History and Politics of India
A nice set of history pages, produced by Vinay Lal, Assistant Professor of History at UCLA. Covers everything from ancient to modern India, with good coverage of the British period.

Peoples and Languages in Pre-Islamic Indus Valley
What was the language of the Indus Valley, present-day Pakistan, in the pre-Islamic period? Did this region have one language or many? Did it have one language family or many? In which script, or scripts, were they written? These questions cannot be answered by the linguist alone. To answer them one needs the help of the archaeologist, the historian and the anthropologist.

Princely States and Provinces
A brief historical overview.

Reconciling Linguistic Diversity: The History and the Future of Language Policy in India
A University of Toledo Honors Thesis.


Images of Indore
Sixteen photographs of palaces, landscapes, etc.

Images of Northern India
About 40 photographs of temples, forts, landscapes, etc.

Images of Rajasthan
Eight photographs of palaces and temples.

Photographs from Kerala
The Jewel of the Arabian Sea consists of lush green vegetation, beautiful lagoons, backwaters and paddy fields. Anyone who has visited Kerala is enchanted by the beautiful landscapes.

The Royal Sitters of India
This is a fascinating collection of photographic portraits. In 1968, 80,000 glass and celluloid negatives were found in a London attic. Twenty years later, these were identified as the work of the important 19th portrait studio of James Lafayette (1853-1923). Lafayette photographed important figures of Britain and the world. This link will take you directly to the Indian portraits, which include an amazing array of maharajas, maharanis, and so forth. From this page, I recommend following links to a history of the Lafayette studio and other portrait galleries.

Journals and Newsletters

Bridges: Berkeley Research Journal on South and Southeast Asia
A new faculty-refereed journal, edited by graduate students and based at the University of California, at Berkeley. It will initially be published annually and will expand thereafter to semi-annual editions. The first issue will be published in September 2001, and will be available in both printed and on-line versions.

Chowk is a community. At whose core is a cumulative, fully interactive internet magazine with no affiliation to any commercial publication. Its articles are the voluntary contributions of the readers, not the work of a hired staff of writers. It is a hotbed of creativity, controversial dialogue, constructive encounters.

Himal South Asian
Online version of a great print magazine, published in Kathmandu, Nepal.

An Indian literary review journal.

Monsoon Magazine's idea was born from a desire to fill in the gaps of existing South Asian and South Asian diasporic literature and art with a spectrum of beliefs. The deep-rooted connections of a shared history give the countries of South Asia (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka) an experience that is universal and yet utterly personal.

Contemporary Asian literature in translation, feature articles on both cultural and social issues, interviews with prominent Asians, etc.

South Asia, Journal of South Asian Studies
The internet edition of this important print journal, published by the South Asian Studies Association of Australia.

South Asia Graduate Research Journal
SAGAR is a biannual journal sponsored by the Center for Asian Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. The journal showcases exceptional graduate student and junior scholar articles. It also includes faculty and graduate research methodology, reports from the field, and book reviews.

Language Studies

Electronic Texts of Literature in India Languages
Lots of web pointers to Indian Languages, Scripts, and Literature.

Ethnologue: India
A survey of all the known languages of India (over 400 in all), with lots of useful statistics.

The Hindi Alphabet
An excellent series of short digital movies (Real Player required) that teach the Hindi alphabet. Courtesy of the University of Pennsylvania.

Hindi Language & Literature
A brief history of Hindi and other useful bits of information.

Hindi-Urdu WWW Guide
Lots of great Hindi-Urdu resources and web links.

Major Indian Languages
Introductory information about the 42 Indian languages that are spoken by at least one million people.

Tamil Language
History and features of the Tamil language.

Maps and Cartography

Indian Maps: States and Union Territories
An excellent source for maps of today's Republic. Several specialized maps, such as railways, geological surveys, etc, plus supplementary information.

Maps of India
About 25 historical maps of India, many depicting princely states.

States and Union Territories of India
A clickable map of modern India, which links to details for each state and territory. Part of the Indian government's "Discover India" website.

Organizations and Libraries

Association for Asia Studies
The largest society of its kind in the world—is a scholarly, non-political, non-profit professional association open to all persons interested in Asia. It seeks through publications, meetings, and seminars to facilitate contact and an exchange of information among scholars to increase their understanding of East, South, and Southeast Asia.

Center for the Advanced Study of India, University of Pennsylvania
CASI's purpose is to link American and Indian academics, policymakers and professionals through interdisciplinary and collaborative programs focused on aspects of modern India.

Center for South Asia, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Established in 1961 as a Title VI National Resource Center, the Center for South Asia supports extensive teaching, research, academic study and outreach relating to the countries of India, Pakistan, Nepal and Tibet and, to a lesser extent, the countries of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

Center for South Asia Studies, UC Berkeley
The only resource for South Asia studies in California, this Center is committed to enhancing the knowledge of South Asia and South Asians by working with institutions and individuals throughout the state.

Dharam Hinduja Indic Research Center
Established at Columbia University in 1994. The Mission of the Center is to promote research projects of high academic excellence that can extract information from traditional systems of knowledge of India, from the Vedas up to modern times, and bring such knowledge into contexts where it can be utilized by scholars and scientists beyond Indic studies, who can apply it to particular issues of contemporary concern.

A Guide to the Dr. Henry H. Presler Achives
This collection consists of research materials, 1949-1989, ca. 350 items (53 Hollinger boxes and ca. 170 oversize items, ca. 40 linear shelf feet) including bound volumes, picture albums, maps and binders of computer print-outs, pertaining to basic case studies of ca. 4,010 religious institutions in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India and its immediate environs.

India WWW Virtual Library
Just as the name implies--references to a wide variety of online information about India.

Institute for Oriental Study, Thane
A voluntary organisation working for the promotion of Indian Culture, history, civilisation and Sanskrit language.

Library Lynx
If you want quick access to a wide variety of libraries around the world, I've got the tool for you! Click the title above, and when you arrive at the Library Lynx site, download and install the free Library Lynx application. It's a simple little browsing tool that generates library web links in your browser. For example, if you select "Countries I-J" a list of over 100 libraies from Iceland to Japan (including India) appears in your browser. It's a snap to use. And updates are available as more library websites are catalogued. Note: Library Lynx is "ad supported freeware", which means that advertisements are displayed in the application window.

National Archives of India
The National Archives of India is the repository of the non-current records of the Government of India and is holding them in trust for the use of administrators and scholars. It is an attached office under the Ministry of Culture, Youth Affairs and Sports. It was set up in March 1891 at Calcutta as the Imperial Record Department and shifted to New Delhi following the transfer of the capital in 1912.

Oriental and India Office Collections, British Library
The collections of the India Office Library and Records reflect the territorial interests and activities of the East India Company and the India Office, and include literature and documents on India, Pakistan, Burma, Bangladesh and neighbouring countries, Iran and the Gulf states, South Africa, St. Helena, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China and Japan. There are extensive materials related to the Indian States.

SAMP (South Asia Microform Project)
Part of the Center for Research Libraries at the University of Chicago. The microform collections of SAMP form a large pool of historical, political, linguistic, economic and geographical data and primary source materials that are not available elsewhere.

South Asia Resources, University of Virginia Library
Many useful refrences to South Asia newspapers, internet resources, film and video, people, etc.

University of Washington Libraries: South Asia Section
The South Asia Section is responsible for acquisition of South Asian materials and for reference assistance for topics relating to South Asia to support the South Asian Studies Program of the Jackson School of International Studies as well as the study of Asian Languages and Literature at the University of Washington in Seattle.

State-specific Sites

The House of Mewar
Every Indian States enthusiast should visit the official website of the Maharana of Mewar. For those who think the princely states are a thing of the past, this site will be an eye opener. Shri Arvind Singh Mewar, the current Maharana, is carrying the ruling family lineage into the new millenium with a vast array of commercial and non-commercial services. The site is packed with historical records, beautiful images, and information about the present day interests of the House.

Kerala, God's Own Country
Geography, culture, and links to a variety of other Kerala websites.

Madhya Pradesh, the Heart of India
Details of the largest modern Indian state.

(Modern) State/Union Territories of India
Detailed information on India's 26 modern states and 6 union territories.

My Beautiful Home "Kashmir"
Kashmir changes its character with the seasons, always very beautiful. The Himalayan ranges, Karakoram, Zanskar, and Pir Panjal frame the landscape from northwest to northeast. They are the birth place of great rivers which flow down into the valley below, forested with wild orchards and lily laden lakes.

State of West Bengal
Very detailed information on this state, including the city of Calcutta.

Welcome to Himachal
Learn more about the geography, culture and history of the hilly state of Himachal Pradesh.

Welcome to Punjab
Historicaly, the area west of Punjab was under the Persian sphere of influence, the east was the heartland of the great Indian civilizations, the south under the influence of the Arabs and the north under the Turko-Mongolian influence.

West Bengal Home
The official website of West Bengal.

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