The Princely States Report

Welcome to Princely States Report, a dedicated space that celebrates the rich philatelic history of India’s princely states. For stamp enthusiasts, historians, and numismatists alike, our platform offers a treasure trove of insights, narratives, and vibrant portrayals that bring alive the legacy of these once sovereign realms.
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Our Mission
Princely States Report was born out of a passion for the “convention” and “feudatory” states that have etched their indelible mark on India’s postage history. Over the years, as the folds of history unfurled before our readers, our commitment to showcasing philately has intertwined with the broader strokes of history and the fascinating world of numismatics.

Our Journey
In our inaugural year, the resounding feedback from our readership pointed towards a deep-seated interest not just in philately, but also in the broader historical context that underpins it. We embraced this revelation, leading to the publication of two general history articles that were welcomed with great enthusiasm. As we tread this path of expanding our horizons, the latest issue marks another milestone with our debut numismatic article.

What To Expect
While our roots are deeply entrenched in philately, our growth trajectory has taken a dynamic turn. Readers can continue to revel in an abundant collection of philatelic articles. Yet, sprinkled amidst these are thought-provoking general history pieces and insightful numismatic content, designed to enrich your understanding of India’s princely states.
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Engage With Us
We invite you to dive into this fascinating journey with us. Whether you’re a seasoned philatelist, a budding historian, or someone with a keen interest in numismatics, Princely States Report promises a captivating voyage through time.

Join us, as we unfold stories, share knowledge, and celebrate the legacies of India’s princely states.

* Philately: The study and collection of stamps.
** Numismatics: The study or collection of currency, including coins, tokens, paper money, and related objects.


Our Genesis
Inspired by the intricate beauty and historical significance of the “convention” and “feudatory” state stamps, Princely States Report was conceived as a niche platform catering exclusively to philately enthusiasts. However, as the months rolled on and feedback poured in, we realized that our readership was eager for a holistic understanding of these princely states. They were not just fascinated by the stamps but also by the stories they told, the history they represented, and the currencies they were traded for. Step into the world of Princely States Report, where the grandeur of India’s princely states unfurls through philatelic masterpieces, historical tapestries, and numismatic marvels. This is a haven where the past is not just remembered, but celebrated, studied, and understood.

Charting Our Course
Our first year was monumental. Alongside curating philatelic content, we journeyed into the annals of history to narrate tales from India’s regal past, resulting in the publication of two widely-appreciated general history articles. The crescendo of our editorial journey reached a new high with the introduction of a numismatic article in our latest issue.
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Our Content Palette
While our heart remains loyally philatelic, the soul of Princely States Report has evolved to encompass a richer and more diverse content palette. Readers will:

  • Discover an expansive library of philatelic articles, each narrating a unique tale of India’s princely past.
  • Explore comprehensive historical content that offers context, depth, and understanding to the world of stamps.
  • Delve into the realm of numismatics, unraveling the tales behind the currencies of yesteryears, their design, significance, and role in shaping the princely economies.

Join the Conversation
At Princely States Report, we believe in fostering a community. Whether you’re a stamp collector, history buff, numismatics enthusiast, or simply a curious soul, this is your sanctuary. Engage with fellow enthusiasts, contribute to our growing knowledge pool, and partake in events and webinars that we frequently organize.

In essence, Princely States Report isn’t just a publication; it’s a movement. A movement to rediscover, celebrate, and cherish India’s princely legacies, one stamp, one coin, and one story at a time.

We invite you to be a part of this mesmerizing journey. Let’s embark on this adventure together, navigating through the opulent corridors of India’s regal past. Welcome aboard!

Why India’s History Is A Tapestry of Time

Embark on an odyssey through Princely States Report, where the echoes of India’s princely states resonate in the form of philatelic artistry, intricate historical narratives, and numismatic wonders. This is more than just a platform; it’s a time capsule, a museum of memories, and a testament to the cultural tapestry of India’s erstwhile sovereign realms.

The Spark of Our Inception
The mesmerizing allure of the “convention” and “feudatory” state stamps was the initial spark that ignited the creation of Princely States Report. Yet, as our community grew, a revelation dawned upon us. Our readers were not just curators of stamps but storytellers, historians, and explorers at heart. Their passion extended beyond the confines of philately, craving the rich sagas these stamps whispered, the events they chronicled, and the commerce they facilitated.

Journey Beyond Boundaries
While our initial footsteps were imprinted on the sands of philately, our trajectory soon expanded, driven by the aspirations of our readership. Our maiden year witnessed this evolution, as we interspersed our philatelic treasures with riveting historical accounts. The crescendo was the addition of our inaugural numismatic narrative, offering readers a holistic view of the princely economies.

A Curated Experience
Princely States Report has now matured into a multifaceted portal, serving a smorgasbord of content:

  • Philatelic Chronicles: Delve into meticulously curated articles, with each stamp unveiling tales of valor, diplomacy, culture, and more from India’s princely dominions.
  • Historical Vistas: Wander through time with in-depth pieces that offer a panoramic view of the political, socio-economic, and cultural tapestries of these magnificent states.
  • Numismatic Narratives: Immerse yourself in the world of princely currencies, unraveling the nuances behind designs, the economic implications they bore, and their intersections with global commerce.

A Community of Curiosity
At the heart of Princely States Report lies our thriving community. We’re not just content creators but enablers, fostering an ecosystem where philatelists, historians, and numismatists converge. Our platform facilitates interactions, collaborations, and the sharing of insights, all while hosting events, workshops, and exhibitions to deepen our collective understanding.

Princely States Report: More than a Publication
What began as a niche endeavor has blossomed into a dynamic movement dedicated to preserving and promoting the multifaceted heritage of India’s princely states. With each article, coin, and stamp, we weave together threads of the past, crafting a rich tapestry that resonates with both nostalgia and discovery.

We cordially invite you to partake in this voyage. Together, let’s illuminate the pages of history, celebrating and cherishing the grandeur of India’s princely states with each turn. Join us, and become a torchbearer of this magnificent legacy. Welcome to the Princely States Report family!

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